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Remembering Judith Eva Barsi

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Remembering the life of Judith Barsi


Welcome to my fan page for Judith Barsi. Odds are you heard about Judith's story by accident while watching videos on YouTube, or perhaps you saw an article about her. Or maybe you haven't even heard her story before. And since that day in 1988, her story has mostly gone unheard. But since the internet has come along over the past decade, more and more people are hearing about her story through social media. There are already some amazing fan sites (which I will link at the bottom of this page) who have done an amazing job sharing her story, archiving photos and much more, but if anything happened to those sites then we may lose a lot of those photos. So like many other people, I would like to dedicate a page to Judith's memory. 

I did not know Judith or Maria in any way, but like other people, her story stayed with me and I would like to share it. I welcome any feedback, so please use the contact form below if you have any suggestions, or anything you think I could add to the site.

Thank you!

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Site created 18th March, 2017

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A BIG thank you to and​ for preserving many of her photos, taking the time to list her work and for sharing her story with the world, and making sites like mine possible. 



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